Browsers are used to surf the Internet with the maximum speed and the security purposes. There are more than a lot of web browsers are available in the Market but only a few of the browsers are standing with the better connection and the better security. Here I have given the top and best 7 Internet Browsers.

1.Mozilla FireFox:

Mozilla FireFox

  • The Mozilla FireFox comes with the more than a number of unique features and functions are involved in it. It gives a best in the class of surfing speed and the security as well.
  • We can able to watch the youtube videos or any other videos in a view of the mini pop-out option. This function is really cool because of we can able to drag the videos anywhere on the window.
  • The Individual URL delete function it is used to delete the specified URL without of deleting all the entire searched URL history.
  • The About config this is the unique features that are only available in FireFox for making the Extension in users need without of downloading the useless or any other annoying extensions on the browsers.
  • We can able to speed up the FireFoc the Internet browser by opening up of the About: network and find the networks and give the priority value of the connections to establish the best Internet connections.
  • The users can able to lock the Firefox browser without of download any additional software to prevent the history or any other browsing details to others.


  • High security
  • Inbuilt Adobe Flash player plugin
  • Easy to use
  • Smart bookmarks
  • Improved download manager

Compatible Devices:
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Our Rating: 10/10

You can Download the Mozilla Firefox by click here

2.Google Chrome:

Google Chrome


  • The google chrome was developed by Google so there are a lot of unique and advanced features are mentioned in this browser such as Malware protection and some of the more features are Involved.
  • The some of the best features are Bookmark synchronizations this is very helpful features for the users to easily manage the bookmarking site by the shortcut keys and easy views of Icon.
  • The Google Chrome prevents from getting opens a Virus site by enabling the Malware blocking protection this feature is the default function of the chrome to make the users secure.
  • It provides enough number of extensions without of any limitations.
  • The incognito browsing is prevented from being the history and URL of the sites are captured by the browsing history
  • We can able to change the entire GUI system of the browser by putting the command in URL tab as Chrome://flags


  •  create applications shortcuts
  •  Synchronize bookmarks for the browsers
  •  High secured for password and other Sensitive data
  •  Good downloading Speed
  •  Easily access

Compatible Devices:
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Our Rating: 9/10

You can Download the Google Chrome by click here

3.Vivaldi Browser:

Vivaldi Browser


  • vivaldi is the freeware for developing web browser by Vivaldi technologies it is founded by Opera Software.
  • The Vivaldi browser is unique for the users to create a customizes designs and the features are involved in.
  • It delivers a powerful and colorful of browsing history which gives a best in a class of search history and visited websites to find out the old and new sites are searched.
  • We can able to add notes to the browsers on to it without of additionally opens another notepad. It provides a best and easy to copy the text or screenshot.
  • The users can able to customize everything of the browser it gives the unique and customization of mouse gesture and other all layout in the browsers.
  • The users can able to open multiple windows on a single current window by choosing the desired or the required page to visit in full size.


  •  Provides a best and smooth Internet surfing
  •  Highly secured connection established to the users
  •  Creates a unique Browser layout
  •  High speed downloading capability
  •  Easy to use

Compatible Devices:
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Our Rating: 7/10

You can Download the Google Chrome by click here

4.Opera Browser:

Opera Browser


  • Opera browser is developed by the opera software corporation. The opera browser is working with the latest technology of blink layout engine.
  • It provides a best in the class of Internet surfing speed and the speed dial option. It comes with the side extension bar helps to make the browsing easier to bookmark the sites.
  • The downloading speed of the opera browser is quite slow while comparing with the above four browsers because of we can able to download one file if we download the simultaneous files means the downloading speed will reduce.
  • It provides a built-in option of ad blocker and the special features of VPN. The VPN provides a various IP server location for securing the connection to the Internet service provider and other attackers it is the best and important for the browsers to keep the user’s data in a confidential formation.


  •  Improved and updated ad blocker.
  •  Faster Internet surfing by Opera Turbo
  •  New animated Themes
  •  Delivers a better connection while connecting to the VPN

Compatible Devices:
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Our Rating: 6.8/10

You can Download the Opera browser by click here

5.Maxthon 3:

Maxthon 3


  • Maxthon is the formerly named as My/E2 in Chinese and now it is updated into the Maxthon browser 2X and its also updated into the Maxthon 3. It supports all the operating systems.
  • The customizable tabs provide the best user interface for surfing the internet and also provides the best connection stability.
  • A user Extensible search toolbar option provides a more than a 7 different and default search engine option for choosing the desire and the better one.
  • The Maxthon browser comes with the default action of Adblocker. This will prevent the popup of unusual and unwanted adds while accessing the browser.
  • There are the best features of the Maxthon browser is the tab crash restore let’s assume that if the tab has been suddenly closed without of any information and the crashed tab will be open without of any issues.
  • The connection and the speed of the Internet surfing are quite familiar with the Vivaldi browser.


  •  Dual Display Engines
  •  Ad Hunter
  •  Smart Address Bar
  •  Secured connection

Compatible Devices:
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Our Rating: 6.5/10

You can download the Maxthon 3 by click here

6.Ghost browser:

Ghost Browser


  • Ghost browser is the best browser for the office uses it gives the best-customized style and layout of the browser.
  • It comes with the trial period of one month after finish the one month of the trial period the users should have to pay an amount for further accessing.
  • Ghost browser provides a stable Internet connection if the user opens a multi-window means the loading and the Internet speed is sustained.
  • It has unique features called proxy control this feature helps to the users for accessing and editing the proxy address to get a better connection with the highly secured connection.


  •  Easy to Install and access
  •  Highly secured for accessing the sensitive data
  •  Multi-session Windows
  •  Adblocker
  •  Easy to manage the sidebar Extension

Compatible Devices:
Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Our Rating: 6/10

You can download the Ghost browser by Click here

7.Uc browser:

UC Browser


  • Uc browser it is a web browser and it was developed by the Chinese company for provides a standard mobile Internet browser. After that later on, the Uc browser was owned by the Alibaba group of China. After then the Uc browser was developed more advanced.
  • The Uc browser uses the cloud acceleration and data compression technology for boosting up the internet connection with the browser server act as a proxy exchanger.
  • It provides a best in the class of downloading speed while comparing with any other Internet browsers. Uc is the unique and the best browser for downloads the data with the good speed.
  • By using the Uc browser there are some of the ad blockers are available but most of the time there are annoying ads are displayed.


  •  Cloud acceleration
  •  Easy to access
  •  Improved download manager
  •  Adblocker
  •  Night mode

Compatible Devices:
Windows, Mac, and Android

Our Rating: 5/10

You can download the UC browser by Click here